Setup with Gradle

Learn how to import YACL into your development environment.

This wiki is currently a work-in-progress and is incomplete!

First, you will need to add the maven repository that hosts YACL.

repositories {
    maven {
        name 'Xander Maven'
        url ''

Next, you need to add the dependency to the classpath.

It is highly discouraged to JiJ (jar in jar) the YACL dependency as it is likely that it's already in the user's mod folder and will significantly increase the size of your JAR.

dependencies {
    // for example...

Replace (latest) with the latest version of YACL available for the target Minecraft version. You can find this on Modrinth.

Finally, you should also add the dependency in your fabric.mod.json so Fabric will crash elegantly, giving the user a clear description of what they need to do.

"dependencies": {
  "yet_another_config_lib_v3": "*"

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